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All weddings are different.

Some couples plan the wedding day for months, even years.

Others do not.

And although it will be the best day of their lives.

Victor and Linda married in my hometown Trosa early last May, just a few days after they decided to move their entire wedding from Stockholm. Out here in the country was the fantastic and bookable restaurant Trosa Sjökrog, right by the sea and a vacant wedding officiant. There was even a luxury limousine to rent …! One of the village’s flower shops helped with the flowers and then it was just to say YES!

The limousine drove us out to the beautiful Stensund, an old castle in the archipelago and one of my favorite places.

It was a loving afternoon with many wonderful laugh. And a very freshly made tattoo.

Thanks Victor and Linda for trusting my ideas during the day.

Love L

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