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My name is Lina and I love to tell stories.Lina_Filip_02 BLOGGENPin IT
I have worked as a writing journalist ‪for more than ten years, often together with very talented photographers.
These photographers have inspired me. So much in fact, that their work is one of the main reasons that I am writing these lines.
They brought with them a passion that made me understand the magic truth in the expression ”a picture says more than a thousand words”.

That I would work as a photographer myself was far ahead. I was a hobby. In spite of that passion.

But then one day the phone rang. I had just finished a temporary job at a newspaper and was more or less desperate for a new job.  At the other end of the phone was a director of a local museum who wondered if I could write and shoot for a major exhibition that would open a few months later?

– Sure, no problem.

I hung up and stared straight into the wall for a very long time,  slowly realizing that I had promised to deliver around fifteen large images. These, the director had said, would be an important leg in the exhibition.

– OH MY……..!

The thing was, I did not have a camera. Or, for that matter, any idea of how a camera of the caliber needed actually functioned.

But everything works out if you want them to. With a lump in my stomach I emptied my savings account, bought a simple camera and met up with 72-year-old Elisabeth and her horse for a shoot.

This picture of her was one of the fifteen images I delivered. A couple of years ago I won a very, at least for me, important prize for this picture (which I honestly took with everything set to automatic on the camera). The award gave me the courage I needed to start my own business and also the money I needed to buy proper ITToday I am freelancing as a photographer and journalist. I mainly photograph weddings, but I also do other kinds of portraits as well as editorial photography for some Swedish magazines.

I would love to tell your story.

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